This sensational adventure inspired the establishment of LimeLand Tours. The 5-hour excursion begins at LimeLand House. The tour start time varies, depending on the tide.

Always a trip to remember! We head for the internationally protected and largest of Trinidad and Tobago’s freshwater wetlands. Our short drive from LimeLand House to the mouth of Bush Bush creek takes us through the hypnotizing beauty of an enormous coastal coconut estate. Uncommon woodpeckers and hawks are invariably spotted during the drive.

  • Enter the swamp with Kayaks!
  • Casual 50 mins paddle along man-made channel through wetlands.
  • Walk an easy trail looking for monkeys. (approx 1hr)
  • Back out on the same waterway.

The wetland flora and fauna are unique and beautiful. The mysterious Mangrove (home to Kingfishers, herons and fiddler crabs) is navigated before breaking into an open expanse of freshwater herbaceous swamp. The green Nariva wetlands are punctuated by Moriche palm and aptly named Royal palm tree groves.

Red Howler Monkey

Red Howler Monkey

Fruit of the palms are food for Red-Bellied and stunning Blue & Yellow Macaws. Nariva is the only place in Trinidad and Tobago to view these beauties darting from the palm tops! The comical, clockwork flight and chatter of Orange-Winged Amazonian parrots are guaranteed to be seen and heard.

Nariva Swamp boasts of the giant, grazing aquatic mammals known as Manatee. The West Indian Manatee are rarely seen and thus protected.

After approximately an hour on water, we secure the kayaks and walk an allotted trail on Bush Bush Island. ‘Bush Bush’ is a solid ground wildlife sanctuary in the middle of Nariva swamp!

Monkeys inhabit the Island! Following the discretion of the guide, we safely and respectfully view Red Howler Monkeys. If very quiet and lucky, we will see the critically endangered, Trinidad White Fronted Capuchin Monkey - a species only to be seen in this unique reserve.

Tropical butterflies, carnivorous plants, huge apple snails and local medicinal plants are found in this special place. Exotic cannonball trees, strangling figs and enormous sandbox trees are to be admired. This unusual lowland rainforest is comprised extensively of palms _ Manac, Moriche, Roseaux, Royal and Cocorite palms to name a few.

After snacks and drinks on Bush Bush Island we get back in the kayaks and return to the original launch.


Capuchin Monkey

It’s then back to LimeLand House filled with memories of Nariva!

  • Tour Musts:

  • Sturdy footwear (sneakers or hiking boots)
  • Long sleeves & trousers. Change of footwear and trousers.
  • Insect Repellent and Hat.
  • Snacks & Drinks included. Please state if vegetarian.
  • Tour Duration: From LimeLand & back, 5hrs.
  • USD 110

    usd per person /Children 13yrs and under ½ price.


Treasure-Trove for Birders! Blue & yellow and red-bellied macaws. Amazonian parrots. Hawks include savanna, grey, white, osprey, zone-tailed and great black. Plumbeous, grey-headed, swallow-tailed and pearl kites. Bat falcon, black-tailed tityra, Channel-billed Toucan. Long-winged harrier, yellow-headed and northern crested caracara, kingfishers, white-bearded manikin, golden-headed manikin, woodcreepers, antshrikes, silvered and white-flanked antbird, hummingbirds, anhinga, vultures, red-breasted blackbirds, whattled jacana, fork-tailed palm swift, yellow-hooded blackbird, southern lapwing, limpkin, yellow-chinned spinetail, pied water tyrant, white-headed marsh tyrant, great egrets, spotted sandpiper, cocoi heron, black-bellied whistling tree ducks… infact 34 families representing 171 bird species in all!

No card facility. Cash only, please. $usd or Google equivalent in $ttd. Local cheques accepted.
(N.B. ask for ‘locals’ rate. Applies to T&T citizens, only.)

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